It is the mission of Lighthouse Boxer Rescue to assist Boxer Dogs who find themselves homeless, hungry, neglected and/or abused; to educate the public on responsible pet care, training and breeding; to offer services that will help reunite lost dogs with their owners; we are committed to helping these souls regardless of age, color or condition.

Adopt FAQs

Adopt FAQ's

Before taking on that furry friend one should consider many things. Caring for a dog is more than simply providing food and water; it requires a lot of time and hard work. This responsibility should not be entered into lightly. If you plan to adopt a dog you should understand that you are making a commitment to that animal for the rest of his life.

It is very wise for an individual to do some research related to dogs before adopting one. Learning about what to expect can better prepare the new dog owner and thus lead to an easier transition for the dog. The decision to adopt a dog should not be made without first giving some deep thought to all that is involved.

Take the time to find a dog that will fit into your lifestyle. The decision to adopt a dog should be made by all family members involved, even the children.
Dogs are like people, they are not perfect and they do make mistakes. Before you decide to adopt a dog consider whether you can be as forgiving toward your dog as he will be toward you. If you are prepared for the responsibility and the unconditional love, then it's time to go adopt your new best friend!

Shelters are full of dogs brought in by people who were not ready for the responsibility and time involved in taking care of them, or they plainly had unrealistic expectations.

So do your research and talk to people who know what you are about to get into before you just dive right in.

Keep in mind these key points when deciding if a dog is right for you and your family:

  • Supplies - In addition to food, dogs need:
    -well the list goes on and on!
  • Veterinary care - Regular trips to the Vet for yearly checkups and to keep immunizations current. You must also be prepared for unscheduled visits when your dog is ill or injured.
    -Some common diseases/conditions/illnesses for Boxers:
    *Cancer - for ALL kinds!
    *Hip Dysplasia
  • Training - Dogs need to be trained if you want the behavior you desire. You can train your dog yourself but obedience classes are highly recommended because they help socialize your dog to many different situations, types of people and other dogs. Only positive reinforcement training should be used - no choker or shock collars!!!!
  • Daily exercise - A dog requires a lot of exercise! Depending on the size and energy level of your dog, you may need to walk them twice a day or have a yard in which they can run and play. Daily exercise will keep your dog happy and healthy.
  • Grooming - Dogs require regular baths and grooming. Yes, even Boxers require grooming! And regardless of what you have read about Boxers or what someone may have told you, they DO shed!
  • Size and breed - A major consideration for anyone contemplating adopting a dog is the dogs size and breed. Boxers, for instance, average between 50-70lbs, and are 21"-25" tall.

As you can see, the decision to adopt an animal should not be taken lightly. There are many important factors that should be considered when you are thinking about bringing a new furry friend into your life. After weighing these, and other factors, if you do decide to adopt you will know that you are doing a beautiful and responsible thing by providing a lifelong home to an animal who, in turn, will love you unconditionally and be your devoted companion for many years to come.

We wish you luck in your search for a wonderful new friend who will love you unconditionally!