Are Fast Electric Scooters Fast Enough For Your Needs?

The speed of electric scooters is dependent on a variety of factors such as the amount of “juice” the battery pack is able to provide, how much the rider weighs, the motor wattage, the terrain, tires and more. The top-speed of most electric scooters is typically around 20 mph. This is the right speed that is permitted for bike lines. However, with the latest improvements in battery abilities you are now able to find more models which can reach up to 30 mph. However, this is the fastest that these razor-type stand-up models are usually able to go.

If you are interested in a faster speed, you should be looking for the scooters that are similar to the gas-powered types, that have a step-through frame, a seat, and deck that allow enough space for both of your feet. These scooter types can reach up to speeds of 40 mph, which may still seem slow in comparison to gas-powered scooters that can reach speeds that exceed 100 mph. However, they are still fast enough to ride short-distance commutes or traveling around town.

If you are technically minded or you have mechanical knowledge, you may be able to make modifications to your scooter so that it can go faster. Here is a general overview on what you can do. The speed is mainly dependent on the battery and motor power. The electric scooters are typically available in 24,36 or 48 volts. While the motors will range from 200 up to 1000 watts. The principle is pretty simple that more power will equal to more speed. However, it is more complex than just the addition on an additional battery or more powerful battery.

There is a mechanism which is known as the “controller” which controls the movement and the speed of your motor, in the way of supplying the motor with an electrical power of the right kind. If you choose to increase power by simply switching from a 24V to a 48V it will more than likely burn power and overheat. This can be solved in the following ways: You can either bypass your controller, using a battery of higher power that connects to the motor directly. Or you can reprogram your controller to handle higher speeds. Keep in mind that any modifications you make will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Do You Really Need More Speed From Your Electric Scooter?

The e-scooters are made for urban settings, and not designed to travel long distances or on highways. A top speed of 20 mph can seem a bit slow, but when using a scooter to get around town, travel to the shops for a commute that is hassle-free, you won’t need to be going that fast. In conclusion, electric scooters offer a lot more benefits that make up for their lack-of-speed. This includes no pollution or noise, low-driving costs, virtually no maintenance expenses, no requirements for a license along with an enjoyable and fun ride.